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Using the Microsoft 365 Family plan, users can get access to Microsoft Office for up to five people on PCs and up to six people on Macs. This plan comes with 1 Terabyte of OneDrive cloud storage and the full Office 365 apps for Windows and Mac. There is also a Microsoft Family Safety app that helps keep family members safe on the web. Microsoft will email account alerts if suspicious activity occurs.

To start using Microsoft 365 Family, you will need to create a Microsoft account. You can choose from a variety of options, including Microsoft’s Gmail account or Outlook webmail. The Microsoft account site has a variety of places to manage your account, including an address book, billing help and additional security resources. You can also set preferences for various services, including advertisements and ads. You can also add a work or school account to your account.

Once you create your Microsoft account, you will be given a blue toolbar with six tabs. Each tab contains a variety of options for managing your account. You can find out more about your order history, your contact information, your privacy settings, your payment options, and the services that you have subscribed to. You can also manage your subscription, change your password, check for new subscription invitations, and set account security.

You can check the status of your subscription at any time by visiting the Account sharing page. There, you will find a list of people who are sharing your subscription, along with their email addresses and other contact information. If you want to stop sharing your subscription, you can click the Stop sharing link. This will prevent the recipient from accessing your subscription and gaining access to the Microsoft 365 services. However, you can still view and print Office files, and you can resend invitations. If you haven’t shared your subscription yet, you can also invite people to your account through email. You can copy and send an invitation link to people through email, SMS, and other channels.

The Microsoft account site also has a dedicated privacy page. Here, you can learn more about Microsoft’s privacy policies, including how it uses information that you provide. You can also change your privacy settings to control how Microsoft uses your information. You can also add a work or business email address to your account. You can also add a phone number to your account for extra sign-in management options.

The Microsoft account site also contains a Sharing page. This page includes an invitations section, along with a list of people who are sharing your Microsoft 365 Family plan. You can also click the Start sharing button to add new people to your subscription. You can also copy and send an invitation link through various channels, including email, SMS, and other messaging apps.

The Microsoft 365 Family plan costs $99 per year. You can add up to five people to your subscription, with the option to add additional family members at no cost. If you have any questions about your subscription, you can visit the Microsoft support site.