What Is User Experience Of Users To Be Good?

For anyone who wants to make a website good for SEO or Search Engine Optimization, in addition to focusing on making good SEO articles, improving On-Page SEO to match what Google wants.

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Strengthening your website with Off-Page SEO and improving your website with Technical SEO Another thing that is very important and affects the overall website very much is designing the website to create an experience. Also known as the User Experience of users to be good, smooth and seamless, how can it be done? See details in this article.

User experience or User Experience is the feeling of users interacting or responding to the use of a product, system or website (in this case, the orange cat focuses on the User Experience on the website only), which elements of creation User Experience consists of 3 factors:

– Information (data) required to create a user experience.

– User Needs that will be used to design the website according to the needs of the User

– Business Goals that are like the objectives of creating a website. And used for designing experiences that will lead to the goals that the business wants, such as generating conversions, etc.

How is User Experience different from User Interface?

As the orange cat has already explained that UX or User Experience is a user experience that focuses on feelings such as feeling of comfort in use, enjoyment, satisfaction, etc.

This can be achieved through Product Strategy (a business’ product design strategy), User Research (searching for information about users), Information Architecture (all the information structures within an app or website), or Testing and integration (testing the functionality of various functions on the website) with quality

The UI or User Interface is the part used to connect with the user. By focusing on the beauty, design, or whatever the user sees, such as color, font, image placement, buttons, etc., it can be said that it is the science of beauty that helps to encourage the user experience to create a good first impression for real users

How Important is User Experience to SEO?

SEO is the process of optimizing a website to perform well on SERPs and rank higher. Of course, User Experience is a key factor in helping a website to be searched well and ranked high.

Because user experience is a part that search engines like Google pay attention to, both in terms of creating user satisfaction, such as having Core Web Vitals, which are criteria used to measure User Experience (UX) or user experience. User’s web work User has a good user experience. Along with helping to increase the number of visitors, making Google use this criterion as another criterion for ranking SEO as well