A Guide to Customized Window Stickers for Your New Store or Business

Window stickers are adhesive-backed and thin vinyl materials that you can use on your new store’s window glasses. It’s the most affordable way to promote your new business and products. You can use custom-made vinyl decals to add your store or business name, tagline, logo, and graphics. You’ll also get a myriad of designs that go with your store theme and products.

According to an article published in Huffington Post, when it’s about your branding strategies for your new business, create designs focusing on your targeted audience.      Your business can use window stickers for multiple purposes.

Highlighting your products and services

Promoting your new store through vinyl stickers is an obvious thing to mention. More important is advertising your products or services on offer. You can use these stickers on your window glass surface or even on vehicle windows to let customers know about your products. Vehicle decals are the best way to promote your stuff even on the go. Use the decals to highlight your special discounts, promotions, or deals. You can even promote sales and special events.

Showing your hours of business

When you have just set up a new store or café by the high street, displaying your business hours is the first thing you need to do using window decals. It’s the perfect way to show your prospects when your café or restaurant is open. On the contrary, if you have a retail store, you can even display live customer service timings.

Improving your store’s curb appeal

Window stickers also help in improving the curb appeal of your new business, especially a retail store. That’s because your store will depend on foot traffic. As far as window clings are concerned, these are best for holiday window advertising with their stationary cling potential.

For instance, if you have a law firm with big windows, then an oversized perforated decal is your best bet. That’s because you can see through from the office interior but block the view of people outside. Then, you can always highlight your firm’s legal services on the glass surface outside.

Using the right design and style of decals

When you are out in the market to buy window stickers for your new business, factor in a few aspects such as color, design, and size.

Color: You’ll get window stickers in a range of colors. Opt for a color that is quite visible and contrasts against the window where stick it.

Design: When it comes to design, you’ll be spoilt for choices. Choose a decal design that matches your brand theme and color. If you are unsure what to decide on, then look for a simple or minimal design to play safe.

Size: The decal size will depend on the size of your store or office window. It’s better to choose a little bigger sticker size rather than something small that will leave the uncovered parts of your store’s window exposed.


Now that you urdughr know the purposes for using window stickers and also the perfect style and design, give your store’s window a facelift.