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Whether you are considering using Microsoft 365 for your company’s security needs, or simply looking for a way to protect your email, Microsoft 365 Defender is an integrated solution that helps you identify and respond to threats. This cyber defense suite uses AI and automated security to detect, investigate and remediate threats. It provides comprehensive analysis and real-time reports to help you stay informed and protect your business. It uses an automated workflow to prioritize and remediate threats so you can focus on critical threats.

Defending against threats is a complex task. Modern businesses face growing security challenges, as cyberattacks become increasingly sophisticated. It is vital to implement a security tool that can analyze threats across multiple domains. Microsoft 365 Defender offers a complete picture of every attack, and can be configured to protect all domains in an organization.

Microsoft 365 Defender is part of Microsoft’s XDR solution, which helps organizations to detect and respond to advanced threats. The product includes leading-edge threat prevention and investigation tools, automated investigation, and a cross-product single-pane-of-glass dashboard. It also uses automation to remediate affected assets. Using artificial intelligence, it analyzes threat data across domains, builds a complete picture of each attack, and takes automatic action to stop attacks in their tracks. It shares the signals it collects with the Microsoft 365 Defender ecosystem.

Microsoft 365 Defender is included with certain subscriptions, such as Microsoft 365 Business Premium and Microsoft 365 Business. It is also available as an add-on for enterprise customers with certain Microsoft licensing plans. It is available at a cost of $22 per user per month for 365 Business Premium users and $3 per user per month for 365 Business users. It also supports third-party vendors.

Microsoft 365 Defender uses artificial intelligence to detect and investigate threats across domains, and it integrates alerts from a range of sources, including email, Microsoft Office and collaboration tools. It uses automation to remediate compromised assets and self-heals affected email and other endpoints. It also reduces the signal noise and alert fatigue by identifying and prioritizing the most critical alerts. It offers a complete view of every attack, which helps security teams stay ahead of threats. It also shares critical threat information with the Microsoft 365 Defender ecosystem.

Using Azure, Microsoft 365 Defender can protect your organization from advanced threats, including those posed by malicious links, email messages, and collaboration tools. It supports reverse proxy and API connectors, and it includes advanced analytics, log collection, and threat investigation. It can also be integrated with managed security service providers. It is available as part of Microsoft 365 E3 and E5. It is also available for purchase as a standalone product.

Microsoft 365 Defender is available in two plans: Plan 1 and Plan 2. Plan 2 includes all the capabilities in Plan 1, plus automated investigation and response. It also includes tools for education and attack simulation training. Plan 2 also includes a custom alert dashboard, a comprehensive set of training tools, and a threat explorer.