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Whether you are looking to create a web site or want to use the tools to enhance your team’s productivity, Microsoft SharePoint 365 offers a wealth of features and capabilities. It offers a range of tools for team members to communicate, share data and manage documents. It helps you control document workflow and provides security features to protect sensitive information. There are many features in SharePoint that you may not be aware of.

SharePoint’s main purpose is to help your team work better together. It provides a central SharePoint dashboard where you can view and control work across your team. It also includes a wide range of collaborative tools.

SharePoint allows you to store documents in the cloud. Using OneDrive, you can share and access files with other users. You can also customize OneDrive to help you index and manage files. However, you will not get the full collaborative experience that SharePoint offers.

You can create and share news and blogs, as well as share documents. You can create and maintain lists to provide a more organized alternative to spreadsheets and formal database tables. There are also a variety of governance features that allow you to control access to information. You can also use AI to help with the protection of content.

SharePoint is built on a variety of different platforms. You can use SharePoint as a standalone application or it can be integrated with other Microsoft applications. You can also purchase SharePoint separately, which is useful if you don’t want to pay for a full SharePoint package. You can also get a free trial of SharePoint if you want to try it out for yourself.

SharePoint’s most notable feature is its built-in security. It offers many security features that include a robust security protocol, a comprehensive audit trail and stringent access control. You can also customize the security level of your site, so that you only allow certain users to access the data you have stored. This is a good way to protect data and avoid unwanted access.

Microsoft SharePoint 365 has many other features, such as Outlook and Microsoft Teams. Outlook can help you keep track of your work and email, and Teams can help you manage conversations with other users. It also has email syncing capabilities, so that meetings are always synced with your Outlook calendar. It has the ability to save chat history into Outlook, so that it can be retrieved later. It also includes two-factor authentication for security. It also offers security updates, as well as technical support. You can also configure SharePoint to send security alerts to you and other users.

If you have an existing SharePoint site, you may want to check out the SharePoint Migration Assessment Tool, which helps you assess your existing content before you migrate. There are also several methods of migrating SharePoint from other service providers. However, the SharePoint Mover is the best way to go for cloud-to-cloud migration.