Reinforce All Email From Gmail

The best way to reinforce all email from Gmail is to flag them as important. Starring the message is a great way to show the person you care about that message, and then pin it on a cork board. Then, when you want to read that message, you can click the star to delete it. Then, mark the message again. If you see the same message over again, it is likely that it is important.

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Find specific messages

Another good habit is to mark important email messages with labels. Gmail has a feature called labels that will allow you to easily search for them in the future. By using this feature, you will never have to open your inbox again to see if you’ve unread an important message. In addition to being more organized, this feature will also help you find important messages quickly. Moreover, this will make you more productive as you’ll know where to find specific messages.

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In last

Creating labels for important emails is another way to make sure you always refer back to important messages. In Gmail, you can create different categories for your emails to make it easier for you to find them. If you’ve created a label for a particular topic, you can quickly jump to it without going through the entire email inbox. For example, if you have a friend who is always sending you emails, you can use labels for all of their emails.

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