The Role of the Middle Class in Combating Wrongdoing in Business

While the rise of economic inequality and the growing gap between rich and poor have caused the United States to become more unequal, one can make the connection between environment and upbringing more nuanced. In fact, the increasing level of income inequality has exacerbated the problem, creating a neoliberal climate that spawns many ethical and white-collar misconduct behaviors. The authors of The Cheating Culture explain how this rising inequality has eroded social norms and made cheating and other forms of misconduct a lucrative business.

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The existence of a strong middle class is necessary to avoid a number of negative effects. The growth of economic inequality has been a key cause of government instability and corruption. Without a strong middle class, these problems will only continue to escalate. Fortunately, there are ways to counter these negative effects of inequality. Among them: the growth of economic inequality in a country. Creating a thriving middle class can be a means to a better society.

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A lack of economic equality has also been a serious concern for governments and society. Developing an effective middle class is essential to ensuring stability in government and democratic accountability. If a society has a strong middle class, the level of trust between rich and poor is higher, which reduces the likelihood of corruption in government. The more income inequality, the more corrupt government. Moreover, a weaker middle class can lead to an environment ripe for wrongdoing, resulting in a lower quality of living for most citizens.

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