Can You Put a Full Size Comforter on a Twin XL Bed?

There are some things you can do to make the size of your comforter fit your bed. You can make a full size comforter into a twin size by turning the sides under and sewing the excess down. This is a good lightweight option that will still stay warm on a cold winter’s night. You can also get a full size comforter that is a good fit for a twin XL bed by measuring the comforter’s width and length and cutting fabric batting to make it smaller.

Another thing you can do is to buy a full size fitted sheet. Unlike a twin, a full-sized comforter will be longer and will fit on an XL bed. This will make it more comfortable. Also, make sure the fitted sheet is the right size for your mattress. It is very important to measure the mattress and make sure it fits.

The first step is to calculate the width of the mattress. Once you have the width and length of your mattress, you can calculate the length of the comforter. Add the thickness to it. Do not forget to add an extra inch or two if your comforter is very puffy or has a wide overhang. You can also buy a larger comforter if you do not want to buy a full-size one.

The next step is to measure the bed. Most twin XL beds can fit a full size comforter, and you can make sure it will fit properly. The size you choose will depend on how many people will be sleeping in the bed. If you have a guest room, you might want to go for a full-size bed.