How to Tell If a Sweater is Men is Or Women is Not

You may be wondering how to tell if a sweater is designed for men or women. This article will give you a few tips for evaluating a sweater and make sure you’re buying the right size. The first thing to look for is the construction, fit, and flexibility. A good cardigan should be loose and have the seams ending at the shoulder, not the bicep. The bottom hem should cover the waist, not the trouser pockets.

Another way to tell if a sweater is men’s is by the neckline. Men’s sweaters typically have a crew neck and a V-neck. The crew neckline fits closely around the neck while the V-neck is more open. The cuffs and hemline may be a little lower than a woman’s. Another way to tell if a sweater is men’s or women’s is by the shape. A man’s sweater will have a longer length than a woman’s.

Cardigans are popular with both sexes. Men and women can wear cardigans, though women often favor tighter sweaters over loose ones. A good cardigan will drape well across the shoulders and hang low enough to cover a belt. Women prefer big round buttons while men prefer modest buttons and wooden “toggles.”