Why Do Tires Line the Shoulders of Highways?

If you drive on the shoulder of a highway, you have probably noticed large pieces of rubber in the middle of the road. Perhaps you’ve had to make an emergency swerve to avoid a giant chunk of rubber. You might even have wondered what they were and why they were everywhere. The answer may surprise you. The tires that line the shoulders of highways are actually used tires.

Trucks are often responsible for blowouts on the road. These debris is dangerous because it can splinter the windshield of a car or even the passengers inside. It was estimated that, from 2011 to 2014, road debris caused nearly 37% of fatalities and injuries on the U.S. highway system. www afilmywap gg Likewise, trucks are notorious for swerving, which can lead to tire blowouts and damage to your vehicle.

When traveling from the shoulder of a highway to the main road, drivers need to be aware of their surroundings and avoid the shoulder. They may not be able to see cars parked on the shoulder of the road, which may cause accidents. If a vehicle is stopped on the shoulder of a highway, it can also hit people and cars parked nearby. tunai4d It is very dangerous to stop on the shoulder of a highway when the highway is congested, and this could lead to accidents.